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Bath 23rd May 2008

Best of Breed - Radamantino Circe Of StanHome (imp It)

Reserve Best of Breed - Simo Alphaia Of StanHome (imp Slovakia)

Judge: Mrs C Alcock

Bath is one not a favourite venue for me as it takes 4+ hours to get there making it a very long day for us all. We were due in the ring at 14.15 so it was not as early a start as usual - however at 15.30 we were still waiting to go in at last it was decided we should use another ring (which had been empty for over an hour). By this time with the torrential downpours and tired dogs both the judge, dogs and their owners were more than a little fed up. We got started at last but it wasn't long before the judge was told if we didn't hurry we would miss the Best in Group. She gallantly battled on and we did indeed just make it - being put on the end of the group line-up which by that time was nearly finished.

StanHome had a very good day, Ladislav, only his second Championship Show had never shown outside before however, he just went beautifully for me as though he had been showing for years, I am so proud of him he just goes out there and performs. Simo as usual took it in his stride it is so easy to see where his son gets it from. Circe was the real surprise of the day, it was her first Championship Show plus being outside with the rain, noise and long wait, I did wonder how it would affect her - she looked lovely and performed so well. Sisi was just Sisi she loves every minute of it, full of life and love for everyone..

Simo and Circe ended up going head to head for Best of Breed, Chris kindly took Simo in for me and to my surprise it was Circe that got the Best of Breed. We had no time to do our lap of honour or to thank the judge we were whisked off to stand on the end of the line for Best in Group, it was so hectic and not fair on our judge or ourselves. I went into the ring with no comb to groom, with no time to relax her and she still managed to show for me, what a little trouper she was. Hopefully the next show will be more organised.

I would like to thank Carol Alcock for her patience and dedication on that day and also of course for choosing both Simo and Circe as Res BOB and BOB.

Best Dog : STANLEY Mrs J Simo Alphaia Of StanHome (imp Slovakia) 

Res Best Dog : DOWTY, Ms V A & MACKRELL Mrs J Ir Ch Clynymona Leonetti

Best Bitch : STANLEY Mrs J Radamantino Circe Of StanHome (imp It)

Res Best Bitch : DOWTY, Ms V & SEEBERGER Mrs M Bolognese Star Audrey At Havanese Stars

Best Puppy : MOTHERSDALE Mr & Mrs A Shiarita Poppyseed

2nd Puppy Dog StanHome Ladislav      1st Post Graduate Bitch Sisi Aphaia of StanHome


LADISLAV 2nd in Puppy Dog

All ready to go Mum

Am I doing OK mum

Give me a hug mum

Towards the judge best behave myself

Just us now we make a team Mum

Do I look like a show dog

Is that it now

Sisi 1st in Post Graduate Bitch

Walk-a-bouts on our own Mum

Does she want to see my teeth

She's thorough isn't she

Another walk in the rain

That smells good, sorry Mum head up

Did I get the Red one Mum

Simo 1st in Post Graduate Dog

I like it out here on the grass

Is this nice lady the judge

She seems very nice Mum

Round again

Will she like us do you think

She did Mum well done!

CIRCE 1st in Junior Bitch

The grass is wet Mum

She's walking nicely too isn't she Mum

Teeth ,did Iget it right

Nice eyes she's got, friendly

Do you think she will like me

SIMO & CIRCE head to head for Best of Breed

Hello who's got hold of you Simo

It's nice facing each other isn't it

Another look wev'e done this before

Golly I got it!

CIRCE in Best in Group

Am I looking OK Mum

Is she another Judge

Now she's looking at my teeth

This is a really big ring Mum

I'm tired, my legs ache

I have never seen so many different dogs before