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British Bolognese Club 2nd Show April 2007

Judge Mr T Mather


Simo 1st PD BPD, RES BP
Trust me mum this is just the beginning for us.

Simo Minor Puppy Dog.

It's scary out here on your own

Golly what a lot of Puppy's

Hey mum I am supposed to be on the mat

A red one, we did it, give us a kiss mum

What do you mean we have got to do it again later



Sisi 2nd Puppy Bitch
The first show of many Mum

Well that wasn't as scary as Simo said

Hey what's he doing back there

Shoot out at OK Coral

Is second OK mum I wanted 1st really


Isabella 2nd Junior Bitch
He liked me mum and we got another prize

He's giving us the once over mum

This is fun, can we go around again

Is it OK for him to do this

Here he comes come on mum lets go for it

There's lots of pretty puppy's mum

All on my own

Then there were two

You did OK as well mum

Final Line Up

Simo Final Line-up

Best Puppy Dog, are you pleased mum

What is a lap of honour with the Best Dog Mum

Here we go again, for Best Puppy this time

She's done this before you know

We will beat her next time

Look at me Dad this is my first show

Hello, I called Simo who are you