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British Bolognese Club 3rd Show April 2008

Judge Stuart Mallard

This is only the third Club show and was held in Oxfordshire this year. There were a lot of new people there and the attendance was very good with only a few absentees and a lot of interested newcomers to the breed. It was good to meet up with friends again and see how the puppies were growing. Last year was Simo and Sisi first show and they were only just in from abroad, this year it was Circe's turn under the same circumstances - I am a glutton for punishment. Having only had her for a week, we were still very new to each other, although I had worked with her a little each day.

I had taken five dogs, Simo, Sisi, Circe, Ladislav and little Beatrice, the latter two were only just 6 months and never been to a show venue before. The hall was small and the ring tiny so I found it difficult to get them into a good walking pace I think they both found so many people and dogs so close to the ring threatening and were very nervous, however, once out of the ring they met lots of new friends a really enjoyed the day. Beatrice as usual stole the show and everyone wanted to take her home. Ladislav like his dad stole the ladies hearts with his melting eyes and generous cuddles. Simo and Sisi were their normal selves just loving the whole day and the atmosphere, just as long as mum and dad were around and didn't disappear for to long they were safe and happy. Circe, well she was so good, it sounds silly but it must be so different for the imports the vocal sounds are so different, the commands won't sound the same, it must be so unsettling for them. I was pleased with her performance in the ring the only thing that phased her at all were all the camera flashes. She performed so well with just a week of training from me she walked, stood and looked like a true show dog and caused quite a few good comments from a lot of people. I can't wait to start showing her at Championship shows.

We were very pleased with our results Simo 1st in Maiden Dog, Sisi 2nd in Maiden Bitch, Circe 1st in Puppy Bitch + Best Puppy Bitch and Reserve Best Puppy. Ladislav 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog and little Beatrice, not a show dog but there to support the breed, was 5th in Minor Puppy Bitch. She is a home bunny but enjoyes the social life. It was Deja Vu really for us, last year Simo got Reserve Best Puppy at his first show, this year Circe did the same thing. It was an enjoyable day out and as usual the committee worked hard to put on a good day for us.

Thank you


Circe 1st PB BPB, RES BP
This is how you taught me isn't it

Whose he, does he bark in Italian

I'm enjoying this it's fun

I'm nearly as tall as you Mum

He's looking at me and he's not smiling

We got a prize mum

Have I done alright,
is a red one any good over here

Circe competing for Best Bitch.

Circe Best Puppy Bitch did I do it alright.


Simo 1st Maiden Dog
I saw my boy up here just now,
he did all right didn't he.

Golly this is a small ring he's a bit close

Round we go again it doesn't
take long here does it

Keep smiling mum we are
heading towards the judge.

Is he writing about me mum hope it's nice




Ladislav 3rd Minor Puppy Dog
Don't let go will you mum

Sisi 2nd Maiden Bitch I know how
to stand mum just don't leave me

Who are you, is he allowed
to do that to me, Mum

I'm pretending to be a statue mum

Is that it mum, well it
wasn't that scary I suppose.
Is a 3rd good

I love you mum do you love me


Beatrice 5th Minor Puppy Bitch
I don't feel good about this mum.