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Crufts 6th March 2008

Simo Aphaia of StanHome - Judge Mrs R Morgan

This is the first year that I have shown Bolognese at Crufts . For the last few years I have been ringside in between showing my Cavaliers but this year I had decided to just concentrate on the Bolognese. I qualified all three Isabella, Simo and Sisi but unfortunately I couldn't show Isabella.

We arrived early about eight o'clock in the morning it was great so quiet or so we thought, I had planned to do all my shopping before people started arriving. Well I was wrong about that - it was non-stop with a constant stream of interested enthusiastic people asking questions about the breed, some had heard about them but never actually seen them before, others just wanting to touch them. By 12.00 I had to firmly put them away they were dog tired! Ladislav had arrived quite early too it was so nice to meet him at last and it was really nice to see him with Simo and Sisi. I think he was very pleased with the way they were looking and we were able to spend most of the day together learning many new things about them from this very experienced breeder. .


Simo just loved it he didn't seem to mind strange people touching him, wanting to photograph him, all the noise around his cage and the general upheaval of the day. Even when we had to take him off to the Quistel/ Our Dogs Stand to collect his prize for "Top Rare Puppy in Breed 2007", with yet more handling and photos, he still stayed cool and calm he is such an amazing dog. When it eventually came to show time about 4.00 he just went in that ring looking as fresh and enthusiastic as though he had only just arrived, instead of having been there since 8.00in the morning. He showed his socks off, wasn't at all put out by any of it, the lights or the size of the ring, it was just he and I together having a good time as usual. He got a first, for me it was a magical day, for him just a day in the life of a happy and much loved show dog.

Well here we are at Crufts. Hi Caroline.

I remember you, haven't I grown since I left home.

A nice quiet walk on the famous green carpet

Here comes the judge for that first look.

Here we go - all that training, will I remember it.

So this is the lady with the power.

Solo walk-a-bouts, keep up mum.

Here we are all waiting for the judge.

Mum looks happy, is a Red one good?

Guess I did all right where's that camera.

Look at all the goodies we came back with.

Sisi Aphaia of StanHome - Judge Mrs R Morgan

Sisi was like a little wind-up toy, full of excitement and boundless energy, wanting to be on the go the whole time, she managed to charm everyone she met as usual, a real show off. She spent a lot of time sitting on laps of people in wheel chairs, where she would automatically become the quiet and gentle little lady once more it was lovely to see. She is so petite, everyone just wanted to cuddle her, she responded with enthusiasm and boundless joy. By 1.00 she was just flat out she had given 100% to all the people and fell asleep until I woke her about 3.00 to get her ready for the ring. Somewhat refreshed, she behaved more like a spring lamb than a Crufts show dog, however, once in the ring she was lively but a show dog once more. Although smaller than most of the others she held her own, walked tall, gaining a third in her class.

Am I still your little princess, now Iv'e grown up.

Simo told me about the green carpet, it's big.

Two grooming me now I feel special.

Nice lady, she smiled at me.

This is fun follow my leader, must remember it's special being here.

Here she comes, do I look all right mum.

Well I got a rosette as well as Simo, I wonder what she wrote about me.

This is our goodie bag from Crufts

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