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Crufts 6th March 2009

Simo - Sofia - Katarina - Family - Melee'


Simo at Crufts - Best Dog in Breed

OK Lets get the pet talk over

What's he saying mum?

Oh, thank you, I think you're nice too

Let's show off our walk now

To the judge, best paw forward mum

The line up, I remember this

Hey! that's us pulled out 1st

I know the ropes "nicely"

Did we do it again this year mum

Just the two of us

The Grand walk

Let's go and show the girls

Love you too mum

Sofia at Crufts - 1st in Junior Bitch

That's Eloisa isn't it

What's the joke mum

Hey that's getting personal

Keep up mum it's the triangle

Off toward the judge

Mum I thought you had missed that one

Can we play chase with Ellie

Why am I being a good girl

Concentrate mum we won

Circe at Crufts - 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch

Look at me

I am ready for him, don't fuss mum

I feel pretty

Best wiggles please mum

Good Girl

Ma, he's making eyes at me

Is this "The line up"

Did we do OK mum

Give us a kiss, over to you Sofia

StanHome Family at Crufts

These are my boy's

Giovanni - 2nd in Junior Dog

Sooo Proud

Sooo Proud

Don't I look like my Dad

I like the carpet, it's posh

I am standing straight

Here comes that MAN!

It's a bit lonely on your own

I got a second mum, is that good


Lorenzo - 5th in Junior Dog

Lets catch the others up shall we?

I am looking him in the eye

This is fun, pick your feet up dad

Off we go, round and round


Eloisa - 2nd in Junior Bitch

Simo & Eloisa

Sofia & Eloisa

The Melee' at Crufts

Happiness is around a Bolognese ring

Advice is always there

Oh! That's the water gone

Come on mum it's my turn now

There's so much going on

More Grooming

Forget the crowds it's just you and me kid

Smile your on Candid Camera

The Bolognese are last in the ring again, still as the saying goes "they always leave the Best till Last"

You met my boy Giovanni

That's over for another year Goodnight from Bololand at Crufts