These are some of the Family pictures of

StanHome Ladislav

Sire - Simo Aphaia of StanHome

Dam - Radamantino Isabela of StanHome

Grandfather -

Ch.  Iato Viola delle Larne

Grandmother -

Ch. Amein Blanc Jizerska

Grandfather -

Indiana Jones Delgi Elmi

Grandmother -

Radamantino Gloria

Ladi 3 weeks eyes just open

Ladi 1 month

Ladi 6 weeks

Ladi 4 months

It was HER!

It's snowtime

Ladi 1st long walk

Stanhome Ladislav

Is this how you stand "nicely"

Luv u mum

1st show

Still just a puppy

Triple trouble Simo & son