LadiWelcome to my Bolognese website.

In our site you will see where I first came to meet this very rare breed, the Italian Bolognese, how I instantly fell in love this lively, fun loving, loyal and very affectionate breed, what and how I learnt about them. They make glorious pets, never rumbustious, they are less restless than other Bichons, are always eager to please. They will need gentle training. Breed Information will give you an idea of the important elements to look for when choosing your dog. Be prepared to wait for one - remember they are a rare breed and most people have a long waiting list. StanHome History: The importance of a puppy's start in life, they are, and need to be, part of the family. Having the perfect dog by breed standards does not necessarily mean it can't be confused by home life, visitors, day to day sounds if they are not brought up with them. However, you do need to ensure your puppy is fit and healthy. Dogs will show you pictures and pedigrees of Simo, Isabella and Sisi our StanHome foundation. Puppies: show some of our puppies and news on any new litters. Photo Gallery: is a selection of pictures of our dogs and puppy's. StanHome Circle: here you can read stories, see pictures from new owners whose ongoing dialogue with us is so important. It will hopefully reassure others considering our dogs. Socializing our puppies, giving them the best start is a true delight, we feel we are successful at it. Show Results: We have enjoyed the years of competition showing our Cavaliers at Championship, Crufts and Open shows, where we meet new and old friends of like minds. It is a new experience for us to share our love for our Bolognese dogs in and around the show ring.

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