About StanHome Cavaliers

We are very small, breeding just a few puppies a year for pleasure and to try to achieve our type of Cavalier.

Our Aims

Our aim is to breed lovable, but fearless Cavaliers for all ages and types of owners, healthy, happy dogs - full of spirit. Cavaliers naturally love people and want to please humans; in return they ask very little and give a huge amount. We are very careful when selling our puppies just as you should be when buying them. If a match is found, we like to keep in touch over the years as to their welfare and progress. Because we care we place endorsements on all our puppies to ensure their wellbeing. They are not sold abroad for gain, or bred from, to ensure they are not continually bred and with unsuitable dog’s.

The endorsements can be lifted by us, if and when appropriate. They are usually discussed when buying your puppy. People who are genuine and care, will understand our concerns and will explain to us their hopes and plans for the puppy’s future. We ask that you keep in touch over the years and if by any chance you are unable to keep your dog you return it back to us and we will either keep it or find a new suitable home, depending on the best for the dog. Having brought this little soul into the world it is my responsibility throughout it’s life, if I didn’t feel this way I wouldn’t be breeding.

Our History

My love of Cavaliers began in the early 60s with a lady called Peggy Talbot, I was just out of school and her hairstylist was my boss under whose hawk eye I served. She fascinated me; always bringing at least 3 or 4 Cavaliers with her, part of my apprenticeship was to walk them while she was under the hair dryer. There were endless tales of her dogs, their puppies and behaviour, what they had achieved in the ring, how to look after them etc. I didn’t  realized then just how important she was in the Cavalier world or her knowledge into the breed. I went to see her whenever I could to see the puppies; she was always trying to persuade me to have one. She was convinced one day I would and that I’d get hooked on showing. Unfortunately she died before I could re-establish contact to tell her she was right all along and that I was about to take part in my first dog show.

We got the first Cavalier when our old Rough Collie was 17 and deaf, we suddenly realised we had probably left it to late to get a puppy and were told the most suitable (because of their lovely nature) was a Cavalier, how I smiled, it was just the excuse I needed. We ended up like so many people with two and our old Collie had another two years of quality life because of them. Life has a habit of suddenly changing and after a few years proudly owning them we met a couple of breeders/show people who carefully led us into that world. We spent two years going to Open and Championship shows studying the people and their dogs asking endless questions about breeding, quality of dogs, what to look for, what to hopefully avoid, until in my own mind I was fairly sure of the type of Cavalier I hoped to produce, I was finally ready to purchase.

At last I found two older dogs - one from a breeder friend who was re-homing one of hers for someone, and another from another breeder The first a gentle Tri bitch shy but full of spirit called Hope, she produced my first litter. The second came from a breeder who I had been hoping to get a puppy from, another Tri Ellesse, who started my show career. She just went from strength to strength in the ring, gaining a place at Crufts the first year, followed by her Stud Book number and a R.C.C. among her many achievements.

The most important thing to me is our dogs and their welfare, they are all house pets living with us, both young and old. Our breeding stock is heart and eye tested and although we do not have many litters we have a waiting list for them. Both show and pet dogs are treated the same, health, food, grooming and exercise. During the week the show dogs wear their jeans, jump in puddles and have a good time the pets enjoy being bathed and cosseted as if going to a show. I love showing, and so do our dogs, if they happy and at ease they aren’t shown any more and retire to being a pet.

I’m afraid prospective owners are vetted quite strictly as I hope we are by them, it is so important to us that the right dog and its personality match lifestyle and needs of the new owners. We are always here for you, with help and advice and as I mentioned earlier should you ever need to re-home your dog at anytime we ask that you return it to us to find a good new home.

You have visited us because you love Cavaliers or are interested in hopefully owning one, whether it is to replace an old and sadly missed friend, a companion for an existing pet or to experience a Cavalier for the first time, which ever way we wish you the best of luck in your quest whether through us or someone else - all I ask is that you love them as they will love you, choose carefully - you become a huge part of each other’s lives.

Good Luck
Many years of Cavalier happiness

Janis & John Stanley

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