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The most important thing to me when I breed a litter is that I find really good homes for my puppy's, equally important is that it is the right home for the right personality of that individual. As with humans every little soul is different within the litter, and it needs careful assessment throughout their first few weeks to see what their differing characteristics are.

It will take several conversations with prospective new owners before deciding which if any is the right puppy for them and their lifestyle. Then they have their first visit by which time I am 90% sure they are the right people for one of my puppy's and hopefully they are happy about me as a breeder. it is not until I meet them personally that I make my final decision.

New owners are given a comprehensive brochure before they collect their new puppy, this will include everything they should need to know about the care, breeding, history and general knowledge about the breed they have chosen. A potted history about myself and the secure knowledge that throughout it's life I am always there to help and advise them, it is indeed an extended family.

Among the information in my brochure is a pictorial history from birth to when they leave me including their parents and litter brothers/sisters, I always ask, and hope that in return they send me updates from time to time on their welfare and any news as to their development. It is wonderful the way we all keep in touch, I feel as though they are still part of our family, whether it is funny tales, achievements, holidays or just plain mischief it is a delight to hear, I now have an enormous extended dog family some of which I will be add from time to time to the family circle news.

I hope you will enjoy reading it, just click on the link for each member.


Riccardo | Lorenzo | Alberto | Giovanni | Nikita





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