Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

AbelardWelcome to our Cavalier website.

In our site you will see the 40 year history of my interest in these very gentle, beautiful, loving, companions - it is no wonder they are so popular.

It is vital to find healthy, well socialized, Kennel Club registered dogs. Puppy farms are not the answer, what may seem like a cheap puppy, could cost a fortune later. Breed Information will hopefully give you an idea of the elements to look for when choosing either your pet or show dog. StanHome History: You will see the importance we place in rearing our puppies as part of our family, you can have the perfect dog by breed standards and still own one that is confused by home life, by visitors, day to day sounds. Our Dogs: features our foundation Cavaliers, their picture and pedigrees. In Puppies some of our litters and new arrivals. The Photo Gallery: is a collection of our dogs and puppies over the years. StanHome Circle: here you can read stories, see pictures with their new owners the puppies progress, this ongoing communication is wonderful. Hopefully it reassures others considering our dogs. Socializing the puppies we breed is a true delight and we feel we are successful at it. Show results Although we do not show often we have enjoyed years of competition showing Cavaliers at Championships, Crufts to Open shows, where we have achieved many awards and shared so much fun with our dogs and friends.

As you will see in our Italian Bolognese section we have now centered our show ring activities largely upon this rare breed as they need to be introduced to the British public.

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