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What is a Responsible Breeder

What is a responsible breeder of Cavaliers? 

What is it that makes you feel more at ease and confident with one person over other breeders? 

What makes responsible breeders so special? What makes it worthwhile finding one when you are looking for a puppy?


 The responsible breeder is dedicated totally to their breed they are always reading and learning anything new about the breed and any health problems. they will recognize the need for careful breeding, to adhere to breed characteristics and follow the Breed Standard. They will work hard to do everything possible to preserve the breed and maintain healthy dogs for the future as others have worked for over the previous decades. Allowing future generations to know and enjoy everything that their chosen breed has to offer. When reading about the breed and it’s suitability to their lifestyle they will get as near as possible to what the breed should be. A responsible breeder will carefully match the dogs for mating with a professional eye on what is best for the breed, the dog and puppies produced, in terms of appearance, temperament and health. Breeding out faults and considering carefully the best way to improve their breeding programme. 

Responsible breeders will never produce a litter just for gain instead they will be looking upon each puppy as part the future of the breed, to add an extra facet to peoples lives. Being responsible is to screen potential new puppy owners thoroughly, to determine their suitability, their responsibility and their capability to look after their new addition to the family. Responsible breeders are always there to answer questions, give advice and offer guidance to new owners and will remain a constant source of assistance throughout the life of the puppy and beyond throughout adulthood. Responsible breeders will put the welfare of their dogs and the breed before anything, never afraid to voice an opinion, they will be always there for you no matter what, through joy, adventures, achievements, decisions, eventually bereavement, to help you during and after the time of mourning. They are the backbone of their breed.

 So when you look for your new puppy do not be disturbed if you are strictly vetted it is just because we care.


Why buy your new puppy from me or another responsible breeder. Why shouldn’t you get one from 
the paper they are often cheaper or maybe a friend of a friend has some. Why not a puppy farm, 
they can’t all be bad, there must be some good ones and you can get one instantly instead of 
having to wait. Why not choose this one it is charging the same price as a breeder charges so it 
must be OK. You can convince yourself of anything particularly if the children are hounding you or 
someone knows someone and their puppy is fine.


Why do they have to advertise in the paper, are they having to many litters. Why are they selling 
so cheaply are the litters Kennel Club Registered do they have heart and eye certificated for the 
parents. Puppy farms what sort of mental state will the puppies be in are they taken from their 
mothers too young, will they be properly socialized when you get them. Can you see the both the 
parents, what sort of character do they have, are they well adjusted adults. What kind of 
conditions are they kept in.


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Puppy Development


I thought this may be of interest to some people, I personally have learnt so much from it, there is so much to know about taking care of a puppy; there's also much to understand about training a puppy. How do you begin? You begin by first learning about what makes a puppy a puppy - what he needs, what he responds to, what he can do.

Critical periods in a Puppy Life ( Taken in part from Complete Dog Training Manual by Bruce Sessions)   - Puppy Development (click to open new pdf file)


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Puppy Photos


StanHome Petite Fleur’s last litter.

Fleur had a litter on the 19th June unfortunately she had to have a c-section and we only managed to save one puppy the rest were already dead, there was a decision to spade her. We had a few tense days seeing if she and her puppy would survive fortunately both did and I have a beautiful tri coloured boy. 

Just born

2 hours old

1 day old

3 days old

1 week old

1 week old

1 week

1 week

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks





6 weeks

Check out the igloo

No room for Beatrice


Do we look alike

Beatrice and me

They will never find me in here

Found another one

I may be big but I love a cuddle


New Friends

New Friends

Me and my Mum

Me and Mum

Is this our best side

Play Time

So many places to snuggle into

New big bed

Worn Out


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