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We are a family that adores our dogs. We carefully breed the occasional litter hopefully achieving Breed Standard Italian Bolognese allowing people to share our joy of owning this truly wonderful rare breed the Italian Bolognese.

Our Aims

Our aim is to breed true Italian Bolognese. They are for all ages, different types of owners and environments, healthy, happy, friendly dogs, full of spirit. Bolognese naturally love people and want to please their owners, they do need people around them, they hate to left alone for any length of time, in return they ask very little and give a huge amount.

Our History

My love of Bolognese began quite a few years ago when I first saw them in the ring whilst showing my Cavaliers. I was intrigued with these lovely small, white, square dogs, taking the ring in their stride, their tails curled jauntily over their backs, thick coats just flowing around them cascading into abandon ringlets, eyes mostly hidden from the naturally long hair, They were completely the opposite to my beloved Cavaliers who are groomed to perfection, not a hair out of place, the tail never to be seen curling upwards, (gay tail is a major fault in Cavaliers).

As time went on I found myself watching them more and more, I became fascinated, read all the information I could about the breed, which was very little. I scanned the web for breeder’s, I talked to owners and breeders at the ringside, trying to learn anything extra I could. There were no books on them except one in Italian so my knowledge came from wherever I could find it.

At last, unable to resist any longer, we decided to purchase one as a pet or if we were very lucky to show and maybe eventually breed.  This was not easy  being a rare breed,  there was a waiting list for them - I had put my name down on several breeder’s lists to no avail. I took advice and made enquires abroad, if I wanted to breed it had to be healthy, outgoing and meet required breed standard, we waited and waited.

 There is I have found the right time and place for everything, a person or situation will appear in your life when you need them - if you are very lucky they will be special and the relationship transforms into an ongoing life long friendship - for me this happened twice with my dogs. A chance meeting in our seaside village home brought Carol into my life and opened up my showing and breeding of my beloved Cavaliers.
Out of all the talking, phoning and e-mailing came Janice Evenden, herself an ex Cavalier person. She has been my mentor - we have never met and maybe never will, but from the first correspondence with her I felt we had always known each other, her help has, and is, invaluable to me. Through her I was introduced to Ladislav and Maria Luisa, she recommended me to them and she was there every step of the way and continues now to both support and advise me, sharing in my successes as though they were her own. Her knowledge which is immeasurable she gives freely and because of her and her own site I can now pass it on to new owners both in person and through my web site, I can never, never, thank her enough. Also Chris Thatcher, another new and valued friend who I first met as we collected our Italian puppy’s from Heathrow together, my thanks for her ongoing advice, always so practical and down to earth, her humour at shows (when you leave home at 5.30 in the morning such humour is much needed) she is always there with a coffee and story to tell.

In the end we imported our first Bolognese from Italy using a very well known recommended breeder - a little girl Isabella. We picked her up from the airport and I shall never forget that magic/terrifying moment when she was brought through those doors, what would she be like, we had bought her purely on recommendation from another breeder and gut instinct, I had never seen her other than in the pictures on the web.

I opened the crate and nervously, out peeped a small white face and eventually a trembling little body followed - there she was my first Italian Bolognese, the dream had come true. She was just as I had hoped small, square, the three black circles on her face were just as they should be, two jet black eyes and little black nose, her pigment - so important, was perfect, she was small and very square. She seemed so tiny compared to the Cavaliers; I just instantly fell in love with her and she I think with me. She made herself at home straight away mixing in with the Cavaliers and our friends as though she had always been around.

I was given the unique opportunity to become the very first U.K. breeder to be allowed two puppy’s from the successful Slovakian “Aphaia” Bolognese Kennel and four months later my two Bolognese arrived a boy Simo and his sister Sisi. They, unlike Isabella, literally bounded out of their crates at Heathrow, full of licks, wags and the sheer joy of living. Once again they were beyond everything I had hoped. I have been so lucky my foundation stock meet the Bolognese Breed Standard, and they are also doing incredibly well in the ring for me.

Simo and Isabella have sired their first beautiful litter two boys and two girls and he has become the “Quistel/Our Dogs Top UK Rare Breed Puppy in our Breed 2007.” This is the icing on the cake for me, however, the most important thing is, and has always been, our dogs and their welfare. They are our beloved pets living with us, sharing and enriching our lives, when people ask me if I have show dogs my reply is “ we have pets, some of whom I show” this is indeed the truth.

Our breeding stock is heart tested and although we will not have many litters there is a lot of interest in the breed and we have a growing waiting list for them. Both our show and other dogs are treated exactly the same, love, food, health, grooming. My show dogs wear their jeans, jump in puddles, race around with the Cavaliers and pets, generally have a good time all together, everyone enjoys being groomed, bathed and cosseted. I love showing them, meeting other breeders, people who are genuinely interested in the breed and want to learn more. Our dogs enjoy showing as well and get excited as the preparations begin, if for some reason they are not completely at ease in the show ring environment they become a beloved pet.

I’m afraid prospective owners are vetted very strictly as I hope we are by them, it is so important to us that the right dog and its personality match the lifestyle and needs of the new owners. Because we care, we place endorsements on all our puppies to ensure their wellbeing. They are not to be sold abroad for gain, or bred from, this is to ensure they are not continually bred and with unsuitable dog’s.

The endorsements can be lifted by us, if and when appropriate and they are usually discussed when buying your puppy. People who are genuine and care, will understand our concerns and will explain to us their hopes and plans for the puppy’s future.
We are always here for you, with help and advice and should you ever need to re-home your dog at anytime we ask that you return it to us to either keep ourselves or to find a good new home, I also ask that you keep us updated as to their welfare and progress during the years, as their breeder there is a lifelong commitment to them, having delivered them safely into this world I continue to feel a responsibility during their lifetime.

You have visited us because you have read, already have, are fascinated by, or are interested in owning a Bolognese, maybe to replace an old and sadly missed friend, as a companion for an existing pet, or just to learn about and experience the sheer joy of a Bolognese. Whatever the reason, pet or show dog we are we are here to help you, we wish you the best of luck in your quest whether it is through us or someone else, choose your breed carefully, a dog is a long term commitment. Bolognese coats are time consuming, all I ask is that you love them as they will love you, you become a huge part of each other’s lives.

Good Luck,
May you enjoy many years of Bolognese happiness.

Janis & John Stanley

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