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When Ellie met Daisy......  



Hi Janis
Thanks for your email. I have been waiting sooo very long for a female puppy as Janice has mentioned. 
Janice has highly recommended your dogs so on that alone I am very interested in your little girl. Janice has been a great help to me and I respect any advise she gives. She sent me pics of your two Slovakian dogs way back and said how beautiful they are and I fell in love with them, we met at the British Bolo Club show, I was with my mum.

Look forward to speaking to you
Regards, Linda

 Hi Janis
I hope you are well. 
Eloisa is settling down so well she has immediately become part of our family. Her and Daisy play lovely together and even share each others food. She loves the garden and runs around with Daisy even in the rain, it does not seem to bother either of them, they have their little coats on and look so cute
I hope little Beatrice, Laddie and Ricardo are not missing Ellie too much and they are doing well, and of course mum and dad! 

Hi Janis
Hope you are all well. 
I received the paperwork you sent to me today and thank you it is absolutely lovely. It is especially nice to see all the pictures of Ellie with her sister and brothers and also mum and dad and grandparents ... I shall treasure it forever, I am taking it over to show my mum later today I know she will enjoy it also.
Ellie is doing so well, she is a real character and very amusing. She is still not keen on the collar and lead but a little every few days and I am sure we will get there soon. She enjoys being groomed which is good as I feel she has inherited Simo's coat and we will spend a lot of time keeping it in good shape. She absolutely loves the garden and we look forward to Spring/Summer when she can play with Daisy in the garden and they do not come in looking more like Bolonka's than Bolognese.


Golly it's a big sofa


Hi i'm Ellie can Ihave a cuddle


Meet my new friend Daisy



Hi Janis 
Success, Ellie now walks on a collar and lead. She loves it now she knows it is nothing to be worried about. 
Give a big hug to lovely Simo.


Long day

I like my new bed

Hi Janis
I had a look at your web site oh those puppies look so lovely, it seems a long time ago Ellie looked like that but it was only 6 or so months ago, they grow so quickly. I thought your site looks great I will send some pics of Ellie as she is growing up.
I have had a few problems with Ellie's coat, I purchased a detangler comb and I thought this is good it seemed to get rid of tangles of both Ellie and Daisy. What I did not allow for is the thickness of Ellie's coat, the comb was not going thru all the fur and the underneath was becoming matted. I did not fully realize this until I bathed her and I noticed on one side underneath was really matted. I tried desperately to loosen the mats and comb them out but it was causing too much discomfort to her so unfortunately I have had to cut them out from the underneath. I have since reverted back to my normal long tooth comb which is working well and goes through all her layers. She has such a thick coat as you know, as does Simo and Laddi, Daisy's coat is not as thick as Ellies so she has not had the same problem. It was such a shock to see how quickly this all happed, probably over 2-3 weeks so I was very upset as this has never happed before. Any tips regarding these thick coats very much appreciated.
You must be very pleased with your litters that you have produced they all seem to be lovely pups. Which ones are you keeping, your family must be growing quite a lot now.
Anyway Janis looking forward to seeing you at Richmond, look forward to hearing from you
All the best Linda.

Am I looking good mum


It's me mum I'm 10 months now

We are just guarding the house


Who me!


It's show time

British Bolognese Club Show 08 Daisy & Eloisa at 7 months

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