At Home With Lorenzo

Lorenzo settles in...... Morning Janis and John
I bet your already wondering how Lorenzo is doing. Well he is fine and completely adorable. Charlie is being very good. I am being very careful though that he doesn't get too jealous and he is getting extra tickles! I'm glad I bought that pen as I think its good to introduce them slowly. He has eaten a bit of food and just had lots of water. he went in the garden and it was fine so no upset tummy which is great. We went to bed at 11.00 last night and he cried for about 15 minutes and then slept until 3.30 which is brilliant, he must have been worn out from all the upheaval. He woke a few times after that but considering it was his first night away from his family, he done really well. 

I feel so proud to finally own a Bolognese and couldn't have asked lovelier one than him we feel very lucky, as he is so friendly, confident and clever. He loves his new bed too. I can’t wait to buy some of the products you showed us especially the talc one as he smells gorgeous! I'll send you some more pictures and updates soon.

Once again thanks so much for giving him such a happy start in life as you can really see this by how well adjusted and healthy he is. He is very special and I know how hard it was for you yesterday. 

Is this my new home

Hey your big

Hello i'm Lorenzo

My daughter Gemma has surprised us a bit and mentioned that she may like to walk in the ring with him and we think she would be really good. Look forward to finding out about the show in August that we can come and watch and hopefully see you and Sophia again. I hope Isabella is not missing him too much. 
We bought him some of those keys today and he loves them. 

Sue and Nigel

Mirror mirror on the wall

ohhh! whats this

it's all right I am allowed up here

Time for a siesta

all these nice toys

I'm Gemma, Suzanne's daughter. I thought you might like to see these pictures that I took today of Lorenzo, he's proving very popular! We will have to take some pictures of him playing in the garden with Charlie, I'll send them to you when I do.
Take care.

I'm awake everyone

This is my new friend

What do you mean I need to grow a bit

I can never quite catch his tail

Hi Janis 
He is doing brilliantly and is so good, he goes outside to do his business, we thought we would have to spend much more time on that. We all absolutely adore him, for someone so small it is amazing what big a character he has. 
We are calling him by a pet name of Alfie as it’s a name we thought of ages ago and a bit shorter. I hope you don't mind, obviously his official name is still Lorenzo. 
He is certainly keeping me on my toes running around after him, he has so much energy. Charlie and he are getting on much better now and I'm really pleased with the progress. At first Charlie was taking all the toys, I suppose he is used to all the toys being his. Now he seems to have got the message that some of the toys are not his and he even lets him play with his toys as long as he isn't playing with them at the time.
Its very sweet as Lorenzo cuddles up to Charlie and follows him and he has even started chasing him around the garden.
Thanks for all the product information. I will have fun with all that. Yes I'm a dog shop-Alic
How is Fleur and her puppy? I hope they are recovering well. 
Sue and Nigel

Now we're in trouble Charlie

This is my bed

I'd like a cuddle please

Can I share your bed

Thank you.

Hi Janis
I hope all is well.
Lorenzo (Alfie) is fine and has settled in really well. He loves all his toys especially the loo roll holders and washing liquid tops. I was looking on your website today and it was lovely to see Ricardo with Milly the Springer spaniel. I'm hoping they will be like that one day. I think they may as they already sleep close to each other and Charlie has got over his jealousy.
Sue and Nigel

Well I'm ready to play



Hi Janis
I hope all is well.
Just a few latest snaps of Lorenzo (Alfie) he is doing very well. his fur has grown longer and is cuter than ever. We have just come back from our New Forest holiday and he was a complete star, he loved his walks on his extended lead and is always trying to catch up with Charlie. He and Charlie are getting on really well now and are often sleeping close to each other.
Sue and Nigel

Lorenzo in the New Forest

I met him in the New Forest

What do you mean I'ts yours

Back home, I'ts hard this holiday lark

Hi Janis
Thank you very much for the beautiful photos of Lorenzo, his sister and litter mates. they are so beautiful and they will be going into the photo album. its amazing how you get them to pose like that. I have noticed Lorenzo poses for the camera so you must have got them used to it. we are still thinking of possibly showing him but have had difficulties finding ring craft classes in our area. we cant make the show this Saturday as Nigel is working. Was there a show that you can take them at 4 months to just to watch to get an idea whats involved? if you are taking Sofia with you we will try and make it so she and you can see him again take care
Sue and Nigel

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