At Home With Nikita


Hi Hilary,
Re our conversation on Friday, I have reviewed my list and if you 
are interested I could offer you a little boy taking into account that 
you might like to show him, as I said it is early days yet but if 
they all survive you could have one in about 10/12 weeks.

 Hi Janis,
Looking forward to receiving pics and fingers crossed for possible 

Hi Janis,
It was lovely to meet you on last Saturday at the show and to have the 
opportunity to see your beautiful dogs.
Thank you for the time you spent with us at the show. I am so looking 
forward to seeing the pups in a few weeks when they have their eyes 
Best regards

Hi Janis,
Thanks for pics look forward to seeing the tiny white blobs. I guess 
they look better than you are prepared to admit

Hi Janis,
All details received and understood, except picture! Prepare paper 
Work. Houston we have lift off. Hope pups are doing well, looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday, especially Nikita What are you feeding her on, so that I can get some in in case it is different from ours
Speak soon,
Regards Hilary


Hi Janis,
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou
Pics brilliant, can we have them all please! Am on my way to smuggle them out. Love all the names, please send more if you get time, really looking forward to seeing them all let us know when. Big cuddle and kiss to Fefe, Beatrice, and Simo sorry don’t know the other names but they can have some too.
See you soon 
Love Hilary and Pete


Hi Janis
ALL arrived home safely, in half the time it took to collect her! No sickness, just lots of licks and sleeps on the journey. Had a little tea, good drink rushing around checking everything out, so far so good! 
Just waiting up for Emily to arrive home for some more fuss then to bed, ready for a fresh start of exploring the garden tomorrow, will let you know how I am settling in tomorrow night

Love and licks by the score,
Hilary & NIKITA x

Nikita ready to go

Me with my friend Serena in the rhubarb patch


Don't reckon much on these Broad Beans

Hi Janis,
Sorry reply is late, had no internet for a couple of days. Nikita is wonderful, I can understand how she was a live wire with you and the crew. Having experienced her love for all and the lick you till submission tactics. I love her to bits. NO we all do.
I have to confess that at the moment I cannot see how she will be still, calm and organized enough for the judge! To be honest I am really not bothered. Can you imagine both of us would be the talk of the show, for all the wrong reasons and you would send us to the DARK side (the K.G.B. egg)
How are the puppies coming along? I have my name down on Nikita's list!! for my next.
Send our love to Simo, Baby Beatrice, Izzi, Laddi, FeFe, 

Nikita loves gardening, I plant the seeds, she digs them up! I clean her every night terrified if you see her next time she will not be up to your standards and you will change you mind about mating her. Today she has been running around playing with the boys with a shuttlecock in her mouth if she cannot play they cannot have it!
Say Hi to John, hate for Him to think I had forgotten Him,

Love H and P and NIKITAx x x p.s. she sleeps at the foot of our bed 


Hello Janis, 
The last couple of nights she has stayed downstairs and been a good girl.
The weekend we took her to Devon, she loved the walks and the moors, just really getting her used to the territory, beach next time. She loves the hose pipe ; try and drink from it gets very wet then charges around the newly dug veg plot, then begin again!!!
Pictures later this week, you will have a fit, totally bad for the designer coat, but great fun.

love Nikita and Hilary

The grass is always greener Nikta

Bad hair day played with the earth and hosepipe

Exhausted after all that help gardening


I need shades mum

Hi Janis,
Just a quick line, a few questions if you don’t mind, can you let me know what signs and about when for kitty's first season I only know the obvious ones. The aussi spray I mean was the one you used for grooming on a dry coat, also do you use conditioner after shampooing or not. She is still a live wire, but a beautiful and loving one, we love Her so much, I expect the puppies are nearly ready to go, I feel so Envious of their new mums, cannot wait for two years for kitty's!!!
Glad you liked the towels, yes I did them, will so some more later,when the weather is bad in the winter, too busy doing gardening at the moment, I plant it kitty digs it up!!, a little more training needed. She loves cucumber, and strawberries, strange but healthy

Cuddle to SIMO, Fefe, Fleur Katerina, Giovanni, Isabella, Ladi,
Beatrice, Bella Sofia,

love Hilary and Nikita


Do I look OK mum

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