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The start of a new friendship...... Hi Toni, Find enclosed pictures of Riccardo, if you are interested come and see him and indeed the rest of my Bolognese, you will be very welcome, there is no pressure on you to buy, just come and get to know and enjoy the breed. As I explain they are a rare breed but are robust healthy little things with no real health issues, they love people and just need to be near their owners. They would not do well left alone all day every day. Tell me a little about yourself and your family it is important to me that my Bolognese go to suitable homes to match their personality and needs. If you think you may be interested we will take it further, any questions you would like to ask feel free


Dear Janis Just to say we are looking forward to seeing you and Riccardo Friday. We have done our homework on the breed and think he would suit us perfectly, We shall bring pictures of our home and garden Kind Regards Toni & Paul


Morning Janis
Riccardo is doing very well Paul will be loading the photos on the computer today and I shall send them he has settled in very well Milly adores him and they sleep together in the same bed, he has explored the garden he is eating well and I have been grooming him. We went to the vets on Saturday morning he checked him over and said he was fine he also fitted the chip he didn’t even squeak. He is currently sitting on my lap while I type this and sends his love he says no need to worry about him. Please do not worry about him he is doing great, hopefully send photos this afternoon. Best wishes Toni Paul Riccardo & Milly

Riccardo and Milly

What do you mean I'm like a feather cushion




Morning Janis
I am glad you like the photos, he is doing so well we spent some time in the garden this weekend and he loved it we also took him for a walk in the woods he bounced along with his purple harness on Milly loves him so much she is always looking out for him they are so good together I couldn't have wished for better. They sleep, eat, play together all the time when I’m working they sit in the office with me and we keep going out for run around breaks I shall be glad when the summer is here though, mud everywhere I think you would be very happy if you saw him. I am grooming him every other day, I shall keep in touch.
Thanks Toni

Riccardo at home



Do not disturb

What's this it's just my colour



Hi Janis
We are all doing very well, Riccardo’s hair has grown, I am convinced It’s where Milly plays with him as it breaks off quite easily and It’s that area Milly trys to get him by, we brought him a nice top to try and stop it but Milly just undresses him so we gave up, he is very happy and runs around like a lunatic with Milly they are so in love they cannot be separated, we are currently building an agility course in the garden for them so that should be interesting. I have some lovely photos, I will get Paul to send them this Weekend. The only thing is when I groom him if I do it on my lap he’s fine and will just sit there quietly but if I do it on my grooming table (which I bought for him) he wines the whole time but nothing bad has ever happened to him he just started it and even if I stop combing him, he sounds upset. Any tips would be gratefully appreciated.
It’s nice to catch up with you
Toni Riccardo Milly

Get the new togs

It's Snow Time



Hi Toni, Table, yes it can be a problem, has he got a favourite treat, if so put him on the table talking and playing with him gently for a few minutes then give him a small treat, then play again. Do this two, three times a day, gradually start to comb him just a little, getting more each time, sometimes a favourite toy up there as well with him works well. Do not stop grooming him on your lap or it will become an either or situation, he obviously loves to be groomed on your lap on a one a one basis, you are just getting him use to a alternative place to take care of him and to show him there is nothing to be scared of up there. You could let him see Millie up there if she doesn't mind heights. Let me know how he gets on please.
Thought you may like to see Sofia, Amedeus, Giovani and Alberto at three weeks.





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